“Life is raw footage. What you do with it is all in the editing.”
– Eric Courtney

Model: GiGi D’Amore
Bill Holland’s Chopper by James Dean’s Rebel Designs
Femme Fatale. She’s a beauty and a killah!
Model: Naomi May
Pacific Northwest Benedict
Janece – Holiday Fair
Rosa Huerta – Athena

”Mood is a reaction of how light fuels emotion. Light plays an integral part of your emotional perception to anything and everything”

You think you have the perfect location locked down, and the sun is just about to do what you want it to do to set the scene of your shoot by creating a mood you desire. You have coordinated your angles and planned the setup of your hardware to accommodate the timing you need to establish the look you are trying to establish. All your artificial lighting equipment is set up to accommodate the existing ambient light you are using for the series of images, or footage, you are planning to capture. Then the unexpected happens….

Eric Courtney’s Work

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